Universities & Colleges

There are hundreds of Universities and & colleges in USA. Some are highly competitive to gain entrance while some are less competitive. There all require TOEFL as their english language test but some may accept IELTS and PET as well. We are in a position to give you proper advice to choose your University and the state you want to be in dependng on your personal needs and budgets. Please call us for a booking and consultancy session for proper advice. This is the most powerful country in the world but but not without its own share of problems as well. It comes in the news almost everyday for various social and political issues. so Please browe thorough various websites that gives you up to date information about studying and living in USA. Some European countries have their top up courses in USA or in some cases degrees may be awarded by a University in USA.

Health Insurance

This is also mandatory as the case would be in other countries for students. There is nothing called "free medicals" in USA. So appropriate medical insurance for you is highly recommonded.