Universities & Colleges

United Kingdom has many highly respected education sysytem in world. Most of the Commonwealth countries have their education systems originated in UK so they have some similarities too. Sri Lanka being a COmmonwealth country has so many connections with UK. There are many Sri Lankans over there studying and living in UK. Many have immigrated there in the past few decades for vious reasons and settles. IELTS is required for students and easy payments terms are also available students. Many students do work part time to supplement their expenses while in UK Some of the colleges in Singapore have their degrees awarded by the UK Unniversity. For example- University of Portsmouth and University of London. There are a lot of private education providers (PTE's) in UK you can gain entrance easily where competition is less compared to high ranking Universities in UK

Health Insurance

This is again mandatory for all the students. They would be arranged by the education institutes you enroll in.