Thilani Karunathilaka - Aspire2/NIE - Auckland

I was a Nurse, and came here to do a Diploma in Healthcare Management, Educovisa guided me to the right place. Even before I finish the course I have now found a job at the Auckland Hospital. Nobody helped me you did. Thanks Educovisa…

Oshan Subasinghe

I got student visa to BHMS in Switzerland to study Culinary arts.  Thanks  Educovisa. I found out your service is very efficient and your knowledge on student visa is uncomparable.


Madhuranga Basnayake

Educovisa in Kandy gave me a best chance to study in Singapore. For the second year I am applying for student visa through them to New Zealand. Beacon International College has this understanding with Aspire2International College.  Thanks Educovisa

Rachintha Dissanayake

I came to Kiwi institute of Technology (KITE) in Auckland through Educovisa (Pvt) Ltd,  - Some agencies did not accept me, but Educovisa got me visa to come to New Zealand. Thanks Mr. Wijeratne, you did an awesome job