Universities and Colleges

Switzerland is central European , mountainous country. It has a lot of lakes and high peaks of the Alps. Banking and finance are key industries apart from Swiss Watches and Chocolates. Very peaceful and secure place for any body. You can travel all over Europe being in Switzerland except UK with your Schengan visa. Security and community discipline is very high in Switzerland and some courses do offer attactive internships too. Hospitality, Cookery, Bakery and also Accounting & Finance course are popular choices among Sri Lankan students. You can experience different culture and food habits also in Swiss. Some courses and available as Top-Up courses by the UK Universities and some linked with UK and USA Education providers. Educovisa (Pvt) Ltd can arrange your accomodation in consultation with you and the college. Some qualifications are awarded from UK and USA.

Work Opportunities

You have a plenty of work opportunities in Swiss and in whole of Europe. Talk to us to give you more details on this matter. You can find employement in any Schengan country. Colleges that we deal with are of highest standards and English is their medium of instuctions.

Health Insurance

This mandatory for the duration of your study in Switzerland, which will be arraged by the education instiutions.