Universities & Colleges

There hundreds of Universities and colleges in India too. But only a handful of Universties are famous among the Sri Lankan students. Sri Lanka has many cultural and economic ties with India as you may be already aware. India is a big attraction among Sri Lanka because it has low tuition fees and close to Sri Lanka. Culture and landuage is somewhat similar and many Sri Lankans love their cinema idols and music and dances. In additions to Science and teachnology area many students choose India to complete their medicals education in India. Part time or full time work opportunities are rare to unavailable but this not a bigger issue among Sri Lankan students as it has low cost of living in India. Call us for a booking and counselling if you want to study in India.

Health Insurance and safety

Comprehensive Insurance options are avialable to all the students which are organized by the respective colleges, but nowadays, you can purchase travel and health insurance even before you depart Sri Lankan shores. Violence or robberies can take on the streets without a warning, hence complete vigillance and application of common sense at all times may be recommonded at all events and transactions.