The New Zealand education system is followed by their own system NCE- National Certificate of Education) and is governed by the NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) and as a result, the education obtained in New Zealand is acknowledged in most countries around the world Students will get a high quality theory and practical education that they deserve.

The New Zealand education system is standardized, controlled and monitored by the NZQA. This is a very rigorous system. Each and every course is checked by NZQA. Also, the support services like student counseling and career counseling for international students are readily available and of high standard. New Zealand has a lot to offer to the International student community as skills, expertise and experience that could be second to none in the world. All the colleges and Universities are world standards and work in the Wi-Fi environment and almost all of them are multi-cultural.



Work opportunities are in abundance for international students as many employers want to use fresh knowledge in their businesses. International students have restrictions on the number of hours that they can work on depending on the type of qualifications they are following, for example – Diploma, Degree or Postgraduate qualifications.

Work opportunities for spouses also vary depending on this matter. These restrictions can be seen on the student visa label on the passport. You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week through the semester of you are following a Diploma course and up to 40 hours during vacations.

Please do speak with your agents or consultants for more information about the work rights of the spouses. Better even, check on the New Zealand Government Immigration Website which has most recent helpful information for you on visa requirements and work rights.

Internships are available for the suitably qualified students and they are mentioned on your Letter of Offer/ Offer of Place, conveniently called OOP. In some cases, they are a requirement of the course itself. Please check with the agents or consultants for more information on this matter.


There is plenty of part time work available in New Zealand, though it a small country with a population closes to 6.0 million. Please refer to the restriction on part time work on your visa. It may vary depending on the type of study program you are following. Also, it is always best to check on the New Zealand Government immigration website for me recent information on study and work and living in New Zealand.



By law, all the International students should have a valid insurance cover of the entire duration of study. Your University or college can organize its for you or Educovisa (Pvt) Ltd also can organize your Health cover for the much cheaper price.