As you are aware, Australia is a one single continent and has six states and two territories in it. (If you fly from east to west of Australia, it will approximately take three and half hours for a most modern jet liner, by train it will be three and half days!). Administrative system and available resources/wealth in each and every territory differ from each other, so are the system of education. Cost of education and cost of living may vary depending on the state or the territory you may live in. International students are scattered all over the Australia. Students have more options to choose from due to diversity of the available courses. Also, you can your preferred weather to live in. Every state/territory has its own controlling, monitoring and governing bodies of their qualification. Australian Federal and state government spend lots of funds towards the benefit of domestic and International students. Qualifications gained from the Australian tertiary institutions are highly respected and recognized worldwide



Of course, the standard of living in Australia is very high and cost of living is also high accordingly compared to the cost of living in New Zealand. It is believed that the highest cost of living and highest house rents are found in Western Australia. But this does not deter students from Sri Lanka as they prefer warm climates. Plenty of part time work is available across Australia, though with restriction of number of working hours of 20 hours per week. This may vary again depending on the type of course they study on. Please check Australian government Immigration website for more up to date information of studying, living and working in Australia


By law, all the International students should have a valid insurance cover of the entire duration of study. Your University or college can organize tis for you or Educovisa (Pvt) Ltd also can organize your Health cover for the much cheaper price.