About us

We started the business in 2010 and became a registered private limited in 2011. We were living in New Zealand by the time started it by helping our friends and their children to come to New Zealand as students. Then we saw a gradual progress in coming to us asking for help for students in Sri Lanka for other countries as well. As a result this endeavor became a family business. We have lived in Africa, UK, New Zealand Australia, so we know real situation of most of the countries where students are asking for our help to apply for their student visa.

We are a friendly outgoing family business who has a vast knowledge UK, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, etc.. as we lived and worked over there in the field of education.

Personal Assistance

Another very important point is that we are able to support you when they arrive in these countries to find their accommodation or when they apply for part time jobs.  We help them all the way throughout their education in overseas countries until they finish their education abroad. If you want to buy your initial stuff or a car our agents in those countries will offer personal assistance. No other company will offer this kind of assistance to their students.



Our team consists of 3 full time staff and I part timer.