Overseas Education Consultancy

This is one of the things that we mainly do. Overseas Education Consultancy! This is not as simple as someone think.

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IELTS Preparation Courses

we conduct the classes for this test to help you achieve required marks, we are not in a position to assist you with work permits in any overseas country

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Student Visa Assistance

Educovisa deals with many countries to macth education facilities with the need of the Sri Lankan students.

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Educovisa (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2011 and helping Sri Lankan students since then for their International education in countries like New Zealand, Australia, UK, Singapore Malaysia, USA, Switzerland and Canada. Its’ Director and all other staff are New Zealand citizens.  They have lived in New Zealand, Australia and UK for over 15 years. Also, the Director
Mr. Jagath Wijeratne , B.Sc, M.Sc, PG(Dip).Ed, Com+ Tech (New Zealand) is a former University Lecturer and a teacher in several developed countries including New Zealand, UK and Australia.

Other staff members also are University educated and with overseas experience, so we are the best education consultants in Sri Lanka with a solid Education back ground and experience. we are in a better position to give you up to date information about International education. Education NEW Zealand (ENZ), has certified us in this respect.  If you need assistance with services to USA, Canada and any other European country, please call.

Come and meet us and get the latest information, compare us with the other service providers in the market. See it for yourself.

We have direct contracts with many private and public colleges and institution with overseas countries; they have many courses, like diploma, Degree and postgraduate degree courses with a high demand all over the world. They provide very attractive course fees and series of other facilities. Some even provide free computers, SIM cards for the phone, airport pick up and provide job search assistance too. We will secure a best place for your overseas education and negotiate with the respective institutions to get you a better deal.

Business Management, Cookery, Hospitality, IT (Information technology), Motor Mechanism Healthcare Management, Early Childhood Education & care (ECE) are popular among diploma courses. Diploma holders can find top up courses for their degrees. We have a very high success rate to obtain student visa. TESOL Diploma courses and MBA courses are also available for teachers and graduates.

We can apply for student visa for Primary and Secondary school students too. Best security, best environment and guardian services are also available. Talk to us about this service. If it is student visa, the right place to talk to is Educovisa (Pvt) Ltd, and the best people to talk to are Teachers who have experience in the same field.. Educovisa (Pvt) Ltd is run by well experienced teachers and lecturers who have worked in Western and Eastern countries. They all are New Zealand citizens and lived and worked in New Zealand, Australia and UK.